We believe in taking time and doing it right

It's trite, but also true. The world gets faster - and we're all consuming more and more content by the moment. We believe that exceptional music doesn't evolve at this pace. Artists take time to develop, and we're here to help make that happen. 
Songcraft. Musicianship. Commitment. Feeling. Stories. It's about having something to say. 
But that's all background stuff. For you - the listener - we just want you to lean back and enjoy the music. 

Brass Tacks

Wing Court Records was founded in 2007, and had the great fortune of signing Ali Hoffman a year later. Label founder Joe Rosenthal named the imprint after the cul-de-sac in Virginia where chanced upon a worn copy of Barbara Lynn's "You'll Lose a Good Thing" as a little kid back in 1974. He nearly wore it out on his plastic record player. A love of music was born.
Joe studied journalism at Northwestern, and started his career as the assistant to the features editor at Rolling Stone, and he later served as news editor of rollingstone.com. He wrote about music for Rolling Stone, Spin, Salon, and Hotwired before turning his attention to the fully digital media realm. He served as Editorial Director of AOL's HubMusic (where he published one of the first multimedia music blogs -- and played host to Duran Duran's landmark MP3 download "Electric Barbarella!") He was Vice-President of Content and Programming for the Vivendi-Bertelsmann venture GetMusic, and produced the long-running video series "The A List With Anthony DeCurtis."